Friday, May 16, 2014

bareSkin by bareEscentuals ... the ultimate FAB experience!

Lately it's been pretty quiet here at Concepts and Commodities, but recently I had an opportunity more than worthy of a blog post! It all started several months back with a friendly and intriguing email from bareEscentuals asking if I'd like to be one of the first to try their new, innovative product. Of course I was interested, and a few weeks after filling out a questionnaire, I was notified that I had be selected to become a Friends and Benefits (FAB) Ambassador! I could write a novel about what happened next, but I'll try to keep it brief.
-There is a private Facebook group that only FAB Ambassadors are a part of
- FAB Ambassadors chat and speculate about what this innovative new product could be
- It turns out to be a liquid/serum foundation, called bareSkin
- We tune in to a live stream that explains and demonstrates bareSkin
- BE sends the FAB ambassadors a full-sized sample of the product accompanied by the Perfecting Face Brush, which was designed especially for the application of bareSkin
-Certain FAB Ambassadors are "spotlighted" in the Facebook group because of how much they spread the word about bareSkin (I was one of them!)
- BE offers the FAB Ambassadors a "FAB Fete" at their local boutique where Ambassadors and their guests get makeovers, a goodie bag, samples, and a 25% discount
- BE also mails FAB Ambassadors a tote with the Purifying Facial Cleanser and Purely Nourishing Moisturizer.

So, yeah. bareMinerals spoiled the heck out of us lucky FAB Ambassadors! We received all those free products, and my friends and I loved our FAB Fete! I bought some great products at a great price with that 25% off! Danielle, the store manager who did my make-under, did a great job and taught me a few things. I ended up purchasing my beloved tried and true Prime Time oil-control primer, Lasting-Line long wearing eyeliner in Endless Orchid (the purple tone really made the green pop out of my hazel-but-mostly-brown-looking eyes), READY eyeshadow 2.0 in The 15 Minutes, and their Lash Domination 10-in-1 volumizing mascara. Everything I purchased was something that Danielle used for my make-under, and I loved all of it.

The reason all of this happened (besides bareEscentuals being an amazing and generous company) is because of the release of the bareSkin foundation, so let me take some time to review it now. As you know, the company did provide me with the product. I've used it twice at the time of this review. If my opinion changes, I will be sure to update!

Originally BE sent me the wrong shade, so I waited until I could get shade-matched and exchange the product at my FAB Fete before using it. I ended up being matched to Bare Porcelain (the lightest shade they make) and three drops gave me excellent coverage. All of my redness was gone, and my blemishes were covered up well. The application was easy: shake it up, put one drop at a time in the reservoir of the brush, and buff it in! The best thing about the product was the way my skin felt during and after wearing it. This is THE liquid/serum foundation for those of us with sensitive or problematic skin. It did not make my skin oily. It looked and felt the same way as it did when using the original and Ready BE foundations. In fact, I think my face was actually less oily at the end of the day when using bareSkin. In my opinion, the serum provides better coverage that seems to last longer. I'll have to use it for a while longer to see if I am going to permanently switch from Ready to bareSkin, but it's a definite possibility!

I am grateful for bareEscentuals giving me the opportunity to be a FAB Ambassador and share my experience. I appreciate the generosity of the company!

Visit the BE site here for more information on bareSkin, as well as tricks and tips on application!

side view of the brush

If you look closely you can see the reservoir on the brush that holds the bareSkin.

before bareSkin - redness and blemish galore!
after just two drops of bareSkin - redness visibly reduced and blemishes less noticeable