Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make this Halloween UNREAL!

Happy Halloween! I've been away for a while, as I've been busy getting married. :) For my return to blogging, I'm going to do a Halloween related review on, what else? CANDY! I came across UNREAL candy a couple months back when I saw a commercial on YouTube starring the New England Patriots star quarterback, Tom Brady. The idea of UNREAL candy is that it is "unjunked," a term the company has coined. Basically, it means that they have removed all the artificial ingredients from their product. You can check out the whole story here at their website.

I received a coupon for a free candy from the company, so I headed to my local CVS and used that, plus spent a couple of my own dollars, to get UN41, which is UNREAL's version of M&Ms, UN5, which is comparable to a Milky Way, and UN8, which is like a Snickers bar.

My overall impression of the candy was a favorable one. It didn't taste like the facsimiles, but they were yummy. I didn't care much for the caramel, but when it was combined with the peanuts and nougat in the UN8, the result was good. I'd like to be able to try the UN77, which is their chocolate peanut butter cups. I'm willing to bet that they taste like real peanut butter as opposed to the chemically taste you find in other candies. Maybe next time! Have you tried UNREAL? What did you think?