Friday, July 6, 2012

Take a quality stroll with your dog: Easy Walk Harness Review

Walking a dog that is pulling you along every which way is not an enjoyable experience. Not only that, it is unsafe as well. The sound of self-inflicted strangulation as a dog's collar chokes him is downright scary! When my fiance and I got our chocolate lab, I wanted to ensure that she was a "good walker." There are many options out there to help facilitate a safe and pleasant walk with your dog. There are different types of leashes, collars, and if you prefer tiny pooches, you can carry them along with you in a stylish pooch-purse! What I have found works best is the Easy Walk No Pull Harness.

The key feature to this particular harness's success is the hoop is in the center of the chest strap. When your dog pulls, he is guided back to you, which in turn discourages pulling. When a dog pulls, he is usually trying to get ahead. With the harness, the dog is pulling himself towards you, which is not the goal! Fido quickly learns that pulling is not going to get him what he wants, and the pulling diminishes, then stops altogether. This is different from a harness that clips in the back. All that does is enable your dog to pull without choking himself. The Easy Walk helps eliminate pulling and choking. You can clip the leash to the harness and/or collar. What works best for me is harness only, whereas my fiance finds more success clipping to both. That is a matter of personal preference for you and your dog. This diagram from Pet Expertise shows placement of leash, collar, and harness.

My only concern with using a harness, especially for fast paced or longer walks is chafing. Ensuring that you buy the proper size helps eliminate chafing. Measure your dog's girth (around the widest part of the chest) to find the right size. There is also padding available that wraps around the nylon harness provide a soft spot where chafing may occur under the dogs "armpits."

Remember, there is no such thing as a miracle product. This harness is a great tool to help you establish a harmonious walking relationship with your dog. You still have to put in the time and effort to train him. There are plenty of resources available: classes, books, and free videos online. Don't walk your dog, and certainly don't let him walk you. Enjoy a walk together!

Here's our chocolate wearing her easy walk harness. Walking is easy but keeping her tongue in her mouth is a bit of a challenge!

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