Tuesday, July 17, 2012

JENsations: Rainbow Sprinkles

The next of the JENsations polishes is Rainbow Sprinkles, a multi-sized red, purple, green, yellow, orange, white, pink and blue matte hexagon and square glitter, made with a 3-free base. Her polishes come in a unique 10ml star shaped bottle, which makes for easy storing by simply turning it sideways! Rainbow Sprinkles is a super versatile polish that can be worn over a plethora of colors to make a variety of statements! It made me think of Funfetti, and that tasty cake mix inspired this mani.

(Maybe if we ask nicely, Jen will send Funfetti cupcakes with each polish order!)
I didn't want to put Rainbow Sprinkles over white, but at first I wasn't sure which polish in my collection would give me the look I was going for. Then I remembered the nail mail I got a few weeks ago that I hadn't been able to try yet: The Nail Junkie's Spring Matte collection. I don't have a proper matte topcoat, but using Matte Daffodil as a base for this mani worked out great! It gave me the cupcakey look I was going for without using a boring white base. One coat of Gelous and then one of Seche Vite topped it off per usual.


Funfetti? I think so!

The Nail Junkie's Matte Daffodil bottle

Check out Jen's Etsy shop here to see more pictures of Rainbow Sprinkles and the rest of her amazing polishes!
JENsations: http://www.etsy.com/shop/JENsations


  1. FunFetti cake is my absolute favorite so it's not surprising that my jaw dropped as soon as I saw this polish!! Love it!