Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lynnderella's Shape Shifter

Unfortunately, there's been tons of (warranted) drama surrounding Lynnderella and her polishes the past few weeks. While I don't agree with her business practices, one thing has not changed: I love her polishes, especially Shape Shifter. It was my #1 lemming until just a few days ago when it arrived in the mail thanks to Llarowe's flash sale. I painted my nails with OPI's I'm All Ears from the Vintage Minnie Collection, then did an accent tip of Shape Shifter. I'm not the greatest photographer but I managed to capture some decent pics, and I will let them speak for themselves!

The shapes! The colors! The holo! *drool*

Closeup of my left hand. I dug a moon and flower out of the bottle for this nail.
Closeup of my right hand. Stars are pretty abundant in Shape Shifter, and I managed to fish a butterfly out of there, too.
I hope you enjoyed the pics! My good friend and non-nail polish junkie Allison just texted me and said, "Obsessed. Makes me almost get nails tomorrow to have it!" Do you love Shape Shifter as much as we do?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lynnderella Connect the Dots, OPI Nothin' Mousie About It, Julep Daisy

One of the polishes I used for this mani is Lynderella's Connect the Dots. Just like all of Lynn's polishes (at least the four I have), pictures do it no justice. Don't get me wrong, CtD is gorgeous in pictures and I've seen some quality swatches from some lovely nail-bloggers, but when you get a Lynnderella polish on your nails, it is stunning. CtD is a neat combo of black and white micro, hex, and bar glitters, and it looks great over bright colors.
The base for this mani was Daisy by Julep. Daisy is a bright, sunshine yellow. It's the first yellow polish I've ever owned/worn, and I love it! I haven't used many Julep polishes yet, but so far I have been impressed by the formula. Daisy is no exception. Easy application, coverage in 2 coats, and looks great!
I recently acquired OPI's entire Vintage Minnie collection, thanks to Copious credits! To top off this mani, I used one coat of There's Nothin' Mousie About It, which is a sheer pink polish with flakies and pink heart glitter. I was inspired by Lynnderella's Connect the Heart, which is her CtD with pink, white, and red heart glitter and a soft pink shimmer in a pink-tinted base. It's rare and hard to find, so this was the next best thing for me! What I like about my mani is that I was able to manipulate the hearts so there is one piece of glitter per nail. It's a subtle, girlie touch. I hope you enjoy the photos!

If you like Daisy, then perhaps you'd be interested in getting a box full of polishes like her for a penny? If you haven't signed up for the Maven program yet, you can get your first month for ONE PENNY and FREE SHIPPING by following this link: http://www.julep.com/?r=19129224 and using code COLOR2012 at checkout! Also, Julep is putting an additional bottle of polish in their Maven boxes this month, no extra charge!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rainbow Honey - A Little Kindess

Described by its creator as rose, white, gold, and soft green glitters floating in a delicate pale yellow base with an iridescent pink shimmer, Rainbow Honey's A Little Kindness is a stunning polish. Looking at this polish makes me smile...it's like Rainbow Honey took my happy thoughts and put them in a bottle, packed them in the cutest box, and shipped it to my house. A Little Kindess is one of the polishes from Rainbow Honey's new Equestria Collection. It looks gorgeous by itself, or layered over a white, black, or pink base. The photos I have for you show two generous coats with no base, and the accent nail is two coats over black which creates the illusion of a purple base. It's like having two polishes in one!

The bottles are very professional looking with her labels.
bottle with logo label and box with logo stamped out
indoors, natural light, no flash
outdoors, direct sunlight
Rainbow Honey packs her polishes full of gorgeous glitter combinations. Check out her Facebook page here to see photos of the rest of the Equestria Collection as well as her other fabulous creations. Rainbow Honey is the new Lynnderella for me: I'm crazy about her glitter-packed polishes!