Saturday, April 28, 2012

Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox: Review and Swatches

It's been a while since I've ordered any Zoya polishes, so when I heard the news about this collection, I couldn't pass it up! Zoya collaborated with Birchbox to create these limited edition polishes inspired by the mood boards of select bloggers.

from left to right: Coraline, Kate, Belle

The girls over at Eleventh Gorgeous created Coraline, described as a "warm, juicy tangerine."

 Kate, a "pinkish grapefruit," came from The Small Things Blog

Belle is a "coppery pink" with "microscopic bits of iridescent glitter." inspired by Capitol Hill Style

The polishes are all jellies, which I've decided I love. They're perfect for Summer and remind me of the jelly shoes I used to wear as a kid! I was too excited to wait to try them when they came in the mail, but I was also pressed for time, so I did one color per nail, as well as layering Belle over Kate, which was a look inspired by Love for Lacquer's. review on this collection.

top to bottom, two coats per nail in natural light: Coraline, Kate, Belle, Belle over Kate

top to bottom, two coats per nail, outdoors with flash: Coraline, Kate, Belle, Belle over Kate

I am loving these polishes! Definitely a great purchase...I know they will be on my nails a lot this summer! 

Availability -
Price - $22.00 for the set, plus FREE shipping!

Zoya Share the Love BONUS
Forward a copy of your Zoya Blogger Birchbox Trio proof of purchase (confirmation email showing the purchase) along with your Art of Beauty (Zoya/Qtica) Customer Number and they will deposit 200 "Love Points" into your account! What a deal!

If you don't have a Zoya account yet, sign up for one HERE. Just for creating an account you will receive a coupon for a free bottle of polish that can be used on your current order, or any future orders!


  1. Nice swatches! I love all the colors! My favorite is the combination of Belle over Kate! :D

    ~ Yun

  2. Thanks for the comment, Yun! Glad you liked the swatches. Isn't that a great combo? Glad Love for Lacquer gave me the idea!