Thursday, March 8, 2012

Queen Helene - Mint Julep Masque Review - by Colleen @ A Wicked DIY Life

My skin is horrid. Full of acne, redness, scars and huge pores. I can't count the number of times I have said this, but lately I've been saying the opposite thanks to Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. I did some research looking for products to shrink pores, reduce redness and fight acne - all things I shouldn't be dealing with since I'm almost 30. The Mint Julep Masque came up a lot in search results and for a price of $5 on Amazon, I was skeptical, but figured i would give it a whirl. I'm glad I did. In the shower I used my normal pore exfoliating cleanser, Avon Clearskin ® Pore Penetrating Invigorating Scrub, to open my pores and remove built up oil. After the shower I patted my face dry and liberally applied the masque to my entire face. The masque is a thick consistency and feels cooling on the skin. It has a subtle spearmint scent that doesn't stick around after you remove it. While I was waiting for it to dry I got dressed and put away some laundry, which has since turned into my normal routine. After about 15 minutes the masque was totally dry. I used a facecloth and warm water to wipe it off my face and then used my normal moisturizer, Clearskin® Professional Daily Correcting Lotion. My face felt fantastic and in a few days my redness had noticeably faded and my pores were almost invisible. I find that if I don't use the moisturizer following the masque, my skin does get dry. I've been using this masque for about 7 months now and it's still working wonderfully. My skin is smooth, and less red, breakouts are kept in check and my pores have shrunk. I'm so glad I added this masque to my beauty routine.
Also, for those wondering, this is all that the masque claims it can do (and it's written on the back of the bottle):
Mint Julep Masque is the original natural home treatment to help dry up pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores. Simply apply Mint Julep Masque to your clean face and neck. As it firms and hardens within minutes, it draws out impurities from your pores. After the masque is removed, your skin will feel clean, refreshed and smooth. Even for individuals who are fortunate to be free of skin problems, Mint Julep Masque is a refreshing facial treatment that helps relax tired muscles and ease tension lines on the face and neck.


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