Monday, March 19, 2012

Do you have Swag...bucks? is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn "Swag Bucks." These digital dollars can be redeemed for a wide variety of merchandise and gift cards. You earn Swag Bucks in many different ways, such as taking surveys, answering polls, and using their search engine. You can dedicate as much time as you want (or have) to it, and earn Swag Bucks accordingly. I decided to start working towards an gift card, and it only took me a few months of very casually using to earn enough for $20 worth of gift cards. If you dedicate any time to it, the rewards are bigger and come quicker! Click here to sign up for using my referral link, and enter code MARCHSWAG to get extra bucks! I'll occasionally be posting about offers and promos they are running. Here's some info their March Swagness promo.

March Swagness has come to Swagbucks - it's all about you earning bonus Swag Bucks while doing all of the things you’re already doing on Swagbucks. Every day they’ll give you an earning goal, which you’ll find on the homepage. As you earn Swag Bucks throughout the day, that meter will fill up, and when it’s full, you’ll have earned your bonus for the day. The bonus will always be 10% of that day’s goal.

Be sure to check in everyday, as the earning goal for any given day could be higher or lower than the day before. Your total bonus amount will continue to accumulate each day, and your bonus amount will be applied at by April 5th – this special promotion runs through April 2nd. If you hit the earning goal every single day of March Swagness, your bonus amount will be doubled!

EVERYTHING you earn on Swagbucks counts towards March Swagness – including (but not limited to) SearchSurveys, Tasks, Swag Codes, Special Offers, Referral Bucks, Winning TTPTP, Hashtag and Comment hookups – if you earn it from us, it counts towards the day it was earned!

Get your March Swagness on starting tomorrow, when the goal will be 50 Swag Bucks.

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