Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March (Mascara) Madness!

Forget basketball. This month we're going to be playing with MASCARA! If I had to choose only one beauty product to use for the rest of my life, it would be mascara. It makes such a difference in my appearance. I can look like a complete slob, apply some mascara, and suddenly I only look a little gross! ;) All kidding aside, I really do love the effects of mascara.
I want to have some fun this month, and I would love for my followers to be involved! I plan to try six mascaras (likely to be drugstore brands if I have to purchase them myself) and rate them on a scale that I will develop with reader input. I will create the scale and see which products readers would like me to try in the first few days of March. Then, throughout the first three weeks of March, I will post reviews and photos of each mascara that I try. Finally, during the last week of March, I will host a giveaway for a brand new bottle of whichever mascara gets the highest rating!
Here's the plan/schedule in a nutshell:
Now through March 3: Take requests from readers about which mascaras they would like to see featured and what they would like me to include on the rating scale.
March 4-24: Try a total of 6 different mascaras and post reviews and photos.
March 25-31: GIVEAWAY TIME!
In order for March Mascara Madness to be a success, I need your help! Please leave comments here or on Facebook, email me, or even Tweet your requests and suggestions. I would love to hear from you! In fact, as a little incentive, I will award you one entry in the mascara giveaway if you get in touch with me by March 3rd telling me which products you'd like to see reviewed and what you would like to see included in the rating scale. Thank you for your support!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

My Zoya giveaway ended and Rafflecopter selected a winner! Congratulations to her! Per the contest rules, the winner has 24 hours to claim the prize or a new winner will be selected. Thank you to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for what's coming in March...another giveaway just might be on the horizon!

edit: The winner has claimed her prize and I will be mailing it to her ASAP. The giveaway was a lot of fun for me and gave me a chance to interact with a lot of interesting people! Thank you to all who entered! I have something fun in mind for March, including another giveaway. I'd like to get to 100 "likes" on my Facebook page before that begins. Let's see if I can get 3 more likes in 5 days! Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I said yes to the dress at David's Bridal!

I purchased my wedding dress today! In spite of my love for beauty products and accessories, I'm not much of a clothing shopper, so I wasn't looking forward to this experience as much as I'm sure the average bride does. In spite of my original lack of enthusiasm, I ended up being pleasantly surprised! David's Bridal has a selection of many styles and sizes, and, of course, the prices are very reasonable. They were running a $100 off sale, and in addition, they let me use a $50 coupon I had received at a bridal expo. What impressed me the most though, was the customer service. I have heard several horror stories about brides' experiences at DB, but I could not have asked for a better consultant. Rita was knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. Her personality was a perfect match for me: friendly and attentive but not too over the top or "oohey" and "aahey." She pulled whichever dresses I asked for and suggested some for me as well, based on the styles I liked and my price range. Rita was always right outside the fitting room ready and willing to strap me in and out of every dress I tried on, some more than once. Thank you, Rita, and thank you, David's Bridal, for making my dress shopping experience enjoyable and memorable!
To my readers, if you decide to use David's Bridal, my recommendation is to book an appointment, and if at all possible, make it on a weekday. I am on vacation from work this week, and going dress shopping on a Tuesday morning was the best thing I could have done. I was the only bride in the store, which meant I had the entire fitting area and all the mirrors to myself. Also, my consultant's attention was undivided! I look forward to going back with my bridesmaids to pick out their dresses in a few months!
P.S. No pictures in today post, just in case my fiance decides to read my blog! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm a Julep Maven, and you can be one too, for just ONE PENNY!

A friend of mine referred me to Julep Maven yesterday, and I can't wait to get my first box! I'm sure many of you nail polish fans are familiar with Julep, and are possibly already part of the Maven program, but for those of you who aren't, here's what it's all about:

Julep offers a monthly subscription program called Maven. For $19.99 per month (shipping is free) you receive a box with a variety of products (nail polishes, cuticle oil, creams, scrubs, etc.) that suits your style as determined by a brief quiz. The results of the quiz will place you as an American Beauty (that's what I got), Classic With a Twist, Bombshell, It Girl, or Boho Glam. Now, I'm typically not one for subscriptions, but what I like about this program is that you have a choice with the products and you're not forced to make a purchase. There is a window of time each month in which you can skip the month without being charged, gift the box it to a friend, change to another Maven style to receive that box, or request for Julep to suggest other items for you. Also, they have a neat referral program where you get a free month for every two referrals! Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, but in order to keep any referral credits, the person you refer has to remain subscribed for 30 days after the purchase of their first box. The best part about this is that Julep is currently running a promo where you can get your first month for just one cent! No taxes, no shipping, nothing else. My credit card was literally charged only $0,01, and I'm getting two gorgeous nail polishes and a bottle of cuticle oil.

If you're interested, please use my referral link http://www.julep.com/?r=19129224 and when you checkout, the $0.01 promo code is COLORS2012. Leave me a comment and let me know if you signed up and what your style is!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bootie Babe Cosmetics Nail Polish

Blue Baboo, Purp Slurp, and Pinky Dinky

When I saw these nail polish bottles by Bootie Babe Cosmetics, I just couldn't resist! I did some quick math with the price of the bottles and shipping, and the best bang for my buck was to order three polishes, so I scooped up Pinky Dinky, Purp Slurp, and Blue Baboo at four dollars per bottle, plus three dollars shipping. I have read that Bootie Babe will be upping the cost of their polishes to six dollars once they have completed a redesign of the bottle neck. (The original neck was short and can be difficult to hold and manipulate while polishing.) I found the formula to be fairly thick and gloppy, but the colors were lovely! Blue Baboo is a beautiful robin's egg blue, Purp Slurp reminds me of grape soda, and Pinky Dinky (my favorite) is a gorgeous baby pink with a touch of shimmer. All three colors covered nicely with two coats. Bootie Babe polishes are a quirky, fun cosmetic, and I look forward to see what the company produces as they continue to grow and develop.

Pinky Dinky, Blue Baboo, and Purp Slurp...how fun are these bottles?!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Kevin over at My Dog Likes is going to be featuring my review on JW slow feed bowls, which is great news! I also got my Bootie Babe Cosmetics nail polishes today, which I can't wait to try and post about! Also, there is still plenty of time to enter my Zoya Nail Polish Giveaway, so check it out, spread the news, and GOOD LUCK!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Giveaway - Bootie Babe Cosmetics nail polish!

I just ordered three bottles of Bootie Babe polishes (Pinky Dinky, Purp Slurp, and Blue Baboo) and I can't wait to get them! I'm also excited for the chance to win three more (Mean Tangerine, Brink of Pink, and Electric Lemon, as pictured above) from one of my favorite blogs, Let's polish some nails! I am loving the voluptuous shape of the bottle...it represents one of my own favorite "assets!" :P Check out Let's polish some nails great giveaway for your chance to win! Don't forget to check out my Zoya Nail Polish Giveaway while you're at it!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

JW Slow Feed Bowl

When she was about 6 months old, my fiance had to give our chocolate lab the Heimlich maneuver. It was then that I knew we had to do something about how quickly she consumed her food. After researching solutions, I came across the concept of a slow feed bowl, which is a dog bowl designed to slow eating in order to prevent bloat and other digestive issues. There are several options available, but the one I ended up choosing was JW's Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl. Their design of a bowl partitioned into four sections that the dog has to eat around appeared as if it would be the most effective way to slow my dog's eating. What a difference it made! She went from often retching after eating to peacefully licking her chops. If your dog is a quick eater, I would recommend using a slow feed bowl. Even if your dog isn't eating rapidly to the point of retching, a slow feed bowl can help prevent bloat, which is one of the leading killers of dogs. Using a slow feed bowl is a simple, inexpensive way to help protect your pup!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My First Giveaway - Zoya Nail Polish!

I started Concepts and Commodities so I could write about things I like, connect with interesting people, and, of course, to have fun...so, I've decided to host my first giveaway! The grand prize is three brand new bottles of Zoya nail polish! Since it's February, I've chosen three of my favorite reds in honor of Valentine's Day: LC, Isla, and Sooki, as pictured above. The bottles will be packaged in a lovely crushed velvet collectors box. Zoya is one of my favorite products that I have blogged about thus far, and I want to share the greatness of Zoya with others! I appreciate everyone who reads my blog, and if you would spread the news about this giveaway, that would be great! The giveaway begins at 12:01am on February 2nd and ends at 12:01am on February 24th. Just use the rafflecopter widget below to enter! Thank you again, and good luck to everyone!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Thank you to Kevin over at My Dog Likes for featuring my review on Nylabones in his blog! Be sure to head over and check out his blog for great reviews on products for dogs!