Thursday, January 26, 2012

a Wicked DIY Life - easy wedding favors with a special meaning

While my friend Colleen and I share a lot of the same great qualities, there's one trait she has that I certainly cannot claim: a knack for all things DIY! While I am creative, I'm certainly not crafty. Colleen has both of those down pat, and her website, a Wicked DIY Life, is a showcase of her ideas and skills. Colleen's focus is mainly home improvement and decorating, but she features product reviews and special occasion projects as well. Since DIY can be a big money saver, I'm thankful that Colleen will be helping me with some aspects of my upcoming wedding, such as invitations and favors. Colleen writes about wedding favors on her website, and her views mirror mine. Here is a quote from her article. "My thoughts on favors: Most favors are thrown out eventually, so I wanted to provide my guests with something they could cherish forever. When deciding on your favors, choose something that means something to you, not just something that’s “cute” or “fits in the budget.” Most people don’t need another book or matches with your names on it. Put your money towards something better." Colleen's wedding favors were so meaningful - the perfect way to honor her husband's late mother. My fiance and I are considering using the same favors for our own wedding, as we lost his stepfather to cancer just a few months ago. Here is a link directly to her article on wedding favors, and here is the link to the Wicked DIY homepage. Enjoy!