Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tyson®: Ready for Slow Cooker

While shopping in the meat section the other day, I came across these nifty bundles by Tyson®. I was intrigued by this package that included a nice piece of pork roast, a collection of potatoes, vegetables, and a seasoning packet. What had caught my attention was one of Tyson's® Ready for Slow Cooker kits. The kits come in several varieties: beef roast, pork roast, and beef stew. They have everything you need for a complete meal - just add water! As someone who loves to eat but dislikes cooking, this was something I had to try, because Tyson® practically takes preparation right out of the equation! All I had to do was open the package (the meat is separated from the veggies and potatoes and all are vacuum sealed), arrange everything in the slow cooker, combine the seasoning packet with a cup of water, pour the mixture into my slow cooker, and turn it on low. When I got home, I walked into a delicious smelling kitchen and a slow cooker full of a tasty dinner! It doesn't get any easier than that. The Tyson® Ready for Slow Cooker kits are very reasonably priced, and the food is good quality. We got two full meals out of it, and there is enough pork left over to make sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. It's probably enough to feed four people, depending on what your preferred portion sizes are. Both my fiance and I enjoyed the meal very much. I will definitely be purchasing a kit again soon!


  1. Nicole, Where did you find this? I looked at Stop & Shop yesterday and didnt see it.

  2. I have to disagree with your glowing report! We found the pork to be very "gamey" tasting. Overall there was an unpleasant taste to the meat AND veggies. Maybe the preservatives or the powdered seasoning mix. I will not be buying this product again.

  3. Sorry to hear it! We've had it several times and enjoyed it, and my fiance is picky with his pork.