Tuesday, January 17, 2012

P.S. eos

Remember my recent post on eos's Smooth Sphere Lip Balm? Well, my obsession caused to me to search the web for the limited edition Passion Fruit flavor that was only sold as part of a set. I am happy to report that Passion Fruit is just as lip-smoothingly delicious as the others, and it has made its way into my top 3 flavor choices, along with Strawberry Smoothie and Summer Fruit! Keep in mind that some of the balms have different purposes (Medicated Tangerine and Lemon Drop SPF 15) so consider that when making your choice! If you are interested in purchasing the Passion Fruit flavor, Stella's HTF Style is the ebay store from which I got mine. It was the most reasonably priced set I could find. Enjoy!

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