Monday, January 23, 2012

Cuckoo for Coco...nuts? coconuts that is! While shopping at a natural food store, my future mother in law came across coquito nuts, also known as baby coconuts. If you're having trouble imagining why, picture a coconut. Now picture a shrink ray zapping said coconut. Result = coquito! Coquitos are about a half inch in diameter and have a crunchy brown exterior and a white interior that is similar in color, consistency, and taste to a coconut. Coquitos can be eaten as is (just be careful if you have sensitive teeth), or chopped up and used for a variety of cooking purposes. They are a tasty, unique, and fun snack! For nutritional facts and recipes, or to order coquitos online, you can take a look at the Frieda's Produce website. I'll probably be making the Chocolate-Covered Coquito Nuts sometime soon. You can make the Coquito Nut Composed Fruit Salad and let me know how it is. ;)

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